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Insurance cover is available through ACR Australia for all your removals and storage requirements, this cover is offered even if you are not using our company at all and even if you are moving yourself or using a shipping container.


 Our new domestic removals and storage insurance policy will give you;

  • One of the Best Insurance covers available for your goods (New for Old cover on furniture with no Age Restriction)

  • Less Expensive cover with more options

  • Prompt claims service

  • Hassle free (fewer arguments with removalists for damage or loss compensation)

  • Storage Insurance if you store your goods in a professional self storage location, or if they are stored by your removalist

  • A policy available to you through one of the largest and most respected insurers in the world (Allianz)

  • Deal Direct with US or through your Insurance Broker

Insurance cover available:


Cover (A)
(FULL COVER- this includes all Cover B Risks)


This cover only available if your goods are moved and/or packed by a professional removalist.
Cover A covers any loss or damage to your goods by accident or natural perils and by wilful and deliberate actions of a third party.
A $200 excess is payable under this cover but would be refundable if we can recover damages for you.


Cover (B)
(Restricted Cover- Specified Events as listed)


This cover is available if you are moving your own goods or having them moved by a professional removalist.
Cover B will pay for any loss or damage to your goods caused by the following;

  • Fire, explosion, lightning or flood.

  • Water and storm damage is covered only whilst goods are in storage and if the storage insurance option is selected.

  • Collision of the conveyance carrying your goods with an external object, or of the goods while on a land conveyance carrying them with something not on or part of that conveyance.

  • Overturning, jack-knifing or derailment of the land conveyance carrying your goods.

  • Grounding, sinking or capsizing of any vessel carrying your goods.

  • Crashing or forced landing of any aircraft carrying your goods.

  • Discharge of your goods at a port of distress.

  • Jettison of the goods from a vessel.

Nil  excess under this cover



Please Note


You can get a quote and request cover online if:

  • If you need to store your goods for more that 6 months, you will need to contact us to correctly quote and complete the cover for you.

  • If you nominate a contents value of $100,000 or more you will need to contact us to correctly quote and complete the cover for you.

  • Quotes are only valid for 3 months



Ph: 08 8289 9333,  Ah: 0401 2959 41

Fax: 08 8289 9333

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